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From artisan breads to breadsticks, from cakes and cookies to pastries and pasta, the dry foods and bakery sector covers a diverse set of flour-based products. Increasingly, it includes bakery mixes and frozen dough products, which are growing in popularity to accommodate the expanding convenience and thaw & serve markets, while also meeting the need to further automate baking processes. Just as diverse as the bakery products themselves are the processing needs and shelf-life requirements from one category to another.

Temperature control is essential, for instance, to ensure that dry ingredients (such as flour, sweetener, shortening and yeast/leavening) are delivered to the mixer at a consistent temperature in order to improve quality and efficiency. Before being packaged, baked goods are cooled to about room temperature. Without proper cooling, the product can be too tender, overly moist and prone to breakage. In the next step, processes such as slicing, bagging and wrapping call for careful handling due to the sensitive nature of the foodstuffs. Before slicing portionable products, for example, it is often helpful to freeze the crust to maintain rigidity and shape for subsequent freezing.

To meet these needs, we have developed a range of chilling, freezing, and inerting technologies and services that ensure the perfect fit for each step in your processing chain.

Storage and Pre-Processing

  • Inerting Technologies Our control systems for storage silos protect ingredients with a blanket of high-concentration carbon dioxide (CO2), or nitrogen (N2).

  • Flour and Dry Ingredient Chilling Dry ingredients can be chilled to precise temperatures before the mixer /or blender to improve quality control and process repeatability. New cryogenic chilling systems from Linde can be quickly validated for use with any dry ingredient prior to installation.

Mixer and Blender Chilling

Mixers and blenders can be chilled from below with high efficiency using ACCU-CHILL® bottom-injection chilling systems. The Linde food team matches the cryogenic chilling system to the mixer or blender to optimize the chilling process.

Post-Bake Cooling/Crust Freezing

Linde offers a range of freezing and chilling solutions to cool baked goods quickly and effectively. Crust freezing is sometimes used prior to a full freeze. Unlike air-cooled spirals, our cryogenic spiral freezers increase productivity and product quality by optimizing moisture content and cooling/freezing rate of the product. Cryogenic cooling also helps to retain taste and texture.

Handling & Packaging

Depending on your shelf life and processing requirements, we offer a range of technologies and applications to optimize handling and packaging.

  • Cryogenic chilling/freezing
    Cryogenic freezing is the ideal way to firm up products prior to packaging. We offer a range of gentle, yet highly effective cryogenic freezers. You can use these as standalone solutions or combine them with existing freezers for rapid scale-up without massive capital outlay.

  • Modified atmosphere packaging
    We offer dedicated gas mixtures to enhance product quality, extend shelf life and increase product reach.

  • Creaming
    We can advise you on the benefits of nitrogen to 'cream' bakery fillings and make them significantly more appealing to your consumers.