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As the global leader in cryogenic freezing technologies for the food industry, Linde has been providing innovative solutions for decades and is uniquely qualified to meet changing demands in every sector.

Our high-efficiency designs and food industry experts are helping food processors reduce product losses, boost quality and improve both throughput and ROI. Many high-volume processors are saving $2-3 million and more per year with Linde solutions.

Our state-of the-art cryogenic freezers incorporate hygienic design and efficiently lower the temperature of food products for improved processing and preserve quality. Our food grade carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) gases are also important for extending the shelf life of fresh and prepared foods with modified atmosphere packaging systems.

Find out more about how the Linde Food team can address your specific challenges. Linde offers a full range of cryogenic freezers for efficient in-line forming and freezing. To make it easier to adopt the latest technology, Linde leasing arrangements reduce immediate capital outlays.

Cryogenic Freezing Solutions – By Process

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The Linde Food Team custom engineers solutions matched to your requirements for optimal results.
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