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Food-grade industrial gases are an effective and natural way of meeting rising consumer demands for quality, variety and freshness in the food and beverage industry. Increasingly, consumers are looking for low or zero-additive alternatives to conventional preservation techniques. In particular, gases are proving indispensable in the growing market for convenient, home-inspired foods. Changing demographics and increased nutritional awareness are fueling interest in all sorts of new health foods and drinks, particularly thaw and serve
portionable dishes.

With a strong team of dedicated field and in-house specialists, we can help you meet your specific customer challenges. Our state-of-the-art technologies and applications optimize processes, improve quality, increase yield and extend shelf life. Whatever section of the food and beverage industry you’re in – from dairy, meat and fish through bakery, fruit and vegetables to the packaged business, you will find the answers you need in our extensive portfolio.

Our solutions extend from purging and carbonation through freezing and cooling to controlled and modified atmospheres. You will also find innovative technologies to assist in water treatment, hydrogenation, fumigation, aquaculture and greenhouse horticulture.

Plus it goes without saying that we comply with all relevant national and international food standards here at Linde. As part of our strong commitment to occupational safety, we have also developed a wide range of gas detection solutions and support services under our G-TECTA™ brand.

Design Engineering

Linde Food & Beverage Specialists will help you get the most out of your process needs. Our team can work with you on plant layouts, equipment integration and turnkey installations.

Wherever you find Linde, you’ll also find dedicated local application engineers trained to support every aspect of a cryogenic freezing installation, from the gas storage tank to the freezer. Installation drawings often facilitate liaison with plant engineers to ensure trouble free installation. And our service doesn’t stop with installation – once the equipment is in operation, our engineers will check the entire system at regular intervals to ensure that everything is in optimum working order.

Customer Service & Spare Parts

Our Customer Service team is available for equipment problems, spare parts or to answer any equipment related questions.

We offer:

  • Experienced personnel of freezing and chilling equipment

  • In stock part availability ready to ship now

  • Competitive pricing

Please contact us using the form or call 877-772-7379 or (877-SPARESX).