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The way the food industry chills cooked pumpable liquid foods such as sauces and gravies is changing, and companies that adopt early can achieve significant competitive advantages.

There is a better way to chill liquid foods that can offer both immediate and long-term benefits. It enables processors to chill fully cooked sauces below 40°F in minutes with improved quality, in a small, easy to clean system.

Introducing ACCU-CHILL® SC Inline Sauce Cooling

The patent-pending ACCU-CHILL® SC inline sauce cooling technology from Linde uses liquid nitrogen (minus 320°F) to rapidly chill pumpable hot liquid foods. The new cryogenic technology chills with precise temperature control at high flow rates.

Chill Hot Liquid Foods as Fast as They Flow

Faster production cycles / higher throughput

  • Inline sauce cooling rates as high as 150-200 lbs/min
  • Chill 3,000 lbs of sauce from 190 to 40°F typically within 15-20 min
  • Improve control and flexibility in production processes

Maintenance and hygiene

  • Low-maintenance, hygienic design for ease of cleaning
  • 90% less time to clean than mechanical systems
    (less water, less waste, less downtime)
  • CIP - Clean in place in minutes

Lower costs

  • 33 to 50% lower upfront capital investment than mechanical chillers
  • No mechanical refrigeration or additional power required

Conserve floorspace

  • Replace outmoded chilling systems in < 10 sq. ft. of floorspace

Ideal for:

Prepared Foods: Sauces and sauce pellets (including those used in cooked pastas and frozen entrees, ready meals, ethnic foods etc.); Purees, Pasta sauces (from marinara to alfredo) Cheese sauces; Barbecue (BBQ) sauces; White cream sauces; Brown gravies; Red gravies; Soup; Chili and other flowable ethnic foods.

Poultry, Red meat, Pork and Seafood: Marinades, glazes, gravies, etc.

Dairy, Bakery and Desserts: Custards, pie and pastry fillings, preserves, sauces and syrups

Food Product Development
Beyond sauces, this rapid inline cooling technology can contribute to food product development efforts such as new pasta products or innovative chilled and frozen prepared foods, dairy or bakery items and desserts

Get in the Flow with Linde
The Linde food team customizes complete systems to match the physical properties of the recipe such as viscosity and solids, as well as space considerations and other plant requirements.

The new ACCU-CHILL® SC inline sauce cooling system is only available from Linde, one of the leading gases and engineering company in the world. Linde LLC supplies the cryogen on-site and performs complete installations including training. 

Find out what this new Linde technology can do for you.
Contact us or call: 800-755-9277. 


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