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Poultry processors are under pressure to boost productivity while holding the line on costs. Cryogenic freezing/chilling solutions from Linde “shake up” production with proprietary technology and industry expertise. State-of-the-art equipment features industry-leading hygienic design and chills and freezes highly efficiently with cryogenic gases (carbon dioxide or nitrogen). Linde solutions can achieve a dramatic step increase in throughput, yield and quality while minimizing operating costs and downtime.

With engineering from the Linde Food Team:

  • Cryogenic freezing locks in moisture to retain form and product weight.

  • Fines and other product losses can be reduced to near zero.

  • Process improvements of 20-30% are common.

In addition, Linde leasing arrangements help poultry processors reap immediate advantages with low capital outlay.

Of course, every poultry plant and process is different. The Linde Food Team custom engineers solutions matched to your requirements for optimal results. Request an in-plant assessment now.

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