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Prepared foods are ideally suited to cryogenic freezing and cooling solutions. High-purity food-grade gases can enhance appearance and keep packaged foods fresher longer.

Freezing and Chilling with Cryogenic Gases

Cryogenic technology is extremely popular for ready-made meals, pizzas, ethnic foods, battered and fried products as well as coated products. It is also especially useful for specialties such as formed and frozen sauces and soups, and in freezing ice cream novelties.

Many prepared food products, Individually Quick-Frozen (IQF) items in particular, need to be frozen quickly after cooking to maintain quality and reduce the risk of contamination. Other main benefits of this proven technology are:

  • Fast in-line freezing and cooling preserve the product’s flavor profile
  • Formation of smaller ice crystals, resulting in less drip loss and higher quality frozen product
  • Low investment costs
  • Flexible design for multi-purpose deployment
  • Low maintenance effort and downtime

At Linde, we continually strive to improve the efficiency and hygiene of our cryogenic freezing solutions, which also include safety and process know-how. We focus in particular on minimizing contamination risks and reducing operation and maintenance costs. Linde provides equipment and service offerings to maximize yield, improve product quality, increase production capacities, decrease variability and extend shelf life.

Typically used freezers include spiral freezers, tunnel freezers, immersion freezers, impingement freezers, cabinet freezers and super contact freezers.

Cryogenic Chilling Systems for Prepared Foods
In addition, cryogenic chilling is important for efficiently chilling many prepared foods and ingredients such as flour, dough, ground meat, protein blends and sauces. Popular automated solutions include: dry ingredient chilling systems for flour, sugar, etc.; bottom-injection chilling systems ideal for dough or meat mixers/blenders; and a variety of on-demand CO2 snow generation systems including those for chilling fresh foods in packing boxes.

MAPAX® Modified Atmosphere Packaging System for Prepared Foods
The MAPAX system is ideal for extending the shelf life and preserving the freshness of trayed, bagged and pouched prepared foods. This includes trayed protein products found in grocery stores, bagged or pouched fresh produce products such as mixed salads and canned, jarred and bagged snacks -- from nuts and potato chips to cheese puffs and pretzels.

ACCU-CHILL® Inline Sauce Cooling System – New
Rapidly cool sauces, gravies, marinades, fillings and syrups inline as they flow from the kettle to the next production step to dramatically improve production rates.

CRYOLINE® PE Sauce Pellet Freezer
Quick-freeze signature sauces into IQF chips, cubes or other forms for use in ready meals, pastas, etc.

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