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The food industry is under constant pressure to improve productivity, and higher volume operations generally mean higher savings. Cryogenic technology uses
high-efficiency liquid nitrogen (LIN) or carbon dioxide (CO2) to chill or freeze proteins, prepared foods and baked products.

Linde is a global leader in state-of-the-art cryogenic equipment specifically designed to freeze at high volumes and throughput rates. In addition, Linde’s proprietary, hygienic designs can maximize yields by locking in moisture and reducing losses. The Linde food team works with customers to optimize solutions to production requirements to maximize ROI.

A few of our high-throughput freezing/chilling solutions for the food industry:

CRYOLINE® CW CRYOWAVE® IQF Freezer. Ideal for diced poultry and other IQF products that tend to stick to conveyor belts. Patented rolling-wave action and high-efficiency design provide significant cost savings vs. flighted freezers, eliminating CO2 snow carryover and improving cleanability.

CRYOLINE® XF Crossflow Spiral Freezer. Ideal for chicken breasts, formed meat products, par-baked goods and trayed products. Patented cross-flow design produces a high-velocity airflow across the width of the belt for a uniform freeze and high-quality output. The high-efficiency design also reduces freezing costs. Compared to cryogenic box spiral freezers, the new Crossflow spiral freezer can boost efficiency by about 10%.

Nitrogen Impingement Freezers. A new solution for nearly all frozen foods. Nitrogen bath instantly crust freezes products to lock in moisture, shape and quality — and help prevent IQF products from clumping and sticking. Our patent-pending N2 impingement freezers offer the highest freezing capacity per sq. ft. of floor space on the market — typically 60% less space than conventional cryogenic tunnel freezers.

Nitrogen Immersion Freezers. Ideal for glazed and marinated meat, poultry and seafood. State-of-the-art cryogenic design combines high-efficiency nitrogen utilization with high-volume throughput to 20,000 lbs./hr. Linde also customizes immersion-spiral freezers to meet plant and production requirements.

Automated Combo Bin Chilling. A better way to chill meat and poultry parts. Automated batch handling and chilling with the ACCU-CHILL® Combo Chiller eliminates the strain of spreading poultry or meat products and snow or ice in combo bins. Patented technology fills high-volume combo bins evenly while precisely delivering CO2 snow. The result is more consistent temperature equilibration — and a leap in productivity.