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Ensuring meat quality is a multi-step and complex process, starting with animal welfare and culminating with appetizing, wholesome, tasty products safe for the consumer’s table. Across this entire value chain, Linde helps processors maintain the proper temperature, improve processing conditions, scale production capacity and increase product yield.

We can also provide guidance on relevant health and safety standards.

At the same time, our solutions can improve product quality, extend shelf life and reduce risk from contamination. Meat and meat products are particularly susceptible to bacterial growth due to their high water activity and nutrient content. Among our technology and service offerings for meat protein products:

Linde’s patented CRYOLINE® freezers maximize marinate retention, reducing evaporative and dehydration losses.

ACCU-CHILL® bottom injection systems can increase the efficiency of mixers, tumblers, blender, and grinders while improving product quality and yield.

Packaging with a modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) system can increase product quality and extend shelf life.

Other process highlights:

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